About Us

Our Company

Spirit Medical is a manufacturer and distributor of premium filtration technology. With nearly three decades of manufacturing and product development experience, our team is dedicated to bringing you the finest performing filtration products on the market. All of our filtration parts for oxygen and CPAP applications are proudly made in the United States.

We bring a no nonsense approach to ordering and an easy to understand pricing structure that makes shipping and service very fast.

Our Services

  • Design and engineering of custom filters and devices
  • Private label packaging
  • On-Time deliveries for all components
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Order Scheduling


The Difference is in Our Spirit!

It’s the Spirit of our employees that makes the difference in all that we do.  You will notice it from the very first day when you work with us. We ensure the very best quality, pricing and service.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Over 25 years of OEM O2/ventilator filtration design, development and engineering experience
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: A commitment to innovation through continual research and development
EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE: Always responsive and friendly–we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations

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